Who is Garden Seeds B.V. and what does it do (in brief) ?

Garden Seeds B.V. has operated for many years now in the packaging market for vegetable, herb and flower seeds. We supply the various seeds in colourful small packages to the consumer market (garden centres, mail order companies and chain stores) and of course to the premium market. We do this under our own brand "Sluis Garden" or as tailor-made packaging (using the client’s own design).

There are various possibilities for using seed as premium.

Standard products

For small-scale promotions, 6 packagings have been developed of approx. 6 x 9 cm in size. These colourful sachets are available at an attractive price for 500 units in a box. When purchasing 2500 items or more it is also possible, for a small surcharge, to add a company logo or slogan that relates to your promotion. THIS HOWEVER IS ONLY POSSIBLE IN ONE COLOUR, NAMELY IN BLACK. It is OVERPRINT quality and not PRINT quality.

Are you perhaps looking for something completely different and a little bit more exclusive? We also have a wonderful collection packaging, a fun series for children, handy seed sowing dispensers and interesting gift boxes!
Tailor-made Packaging

For large-scale promotions (more than 2500 items) you can decide to give the packaging a completely personal look and to fully design it (or have it designed) according to your specific aims. You have the option of full colour, small or large sachets, wide range of seed types, etc.
We have the necessary knowledge in-house to help you with your ideas, to inform you of the possibilities and to help you realise your desired goals.