Supply conditions, hereinafter referred to as seedsfromholland, is a website that is maintained by Kyda. Kyda is located in Hoorn and near the seed center of the world: Enkhuizen. Kyda is registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce Northwest Holland under number  56556101. Our VAT number is: NL.1879.15.660.B01
Our products are also available from our retailers. This will save you handling costs. For this please refer to the RETAILERS group.
Our General Terms of Sales and Delivery apply to all orders placed and agreements made via the website of When ordering through our website it is assumed that you have read these conditions and have agreed to them. If you so wish, we can send you a copy with your order.
All articles offered in the web shop are numbered and priced. The prices stated include VAT and are without any obligation. In order to help meet the high costs of handling the order, packaging and free shipping (within the Benelux), it is necessary for us to charge € 3.95 per order. For all orders above € 10.00 there are no costs. For deliveries to all other EU countries we charge an additional € 10.00 per order, regardless of the order amounts.
The delivery time of your order is usually well within 1 week upon receipt of your payment. As is usually the case in the seed world, all articles can be supplied upon the condition of seed availability. If an article is not available in the short term (disappointing harvest, insufficient germination capacity, etc.) we will cancel this article and adjust the invoice accordingly, or supply a replacement article.
NONE of the seeds supplied by Kyda have been decontaminated and are SOLELY intended for amateur gardeners.

Kyda does everything in its power to ensure that it delivers high-quality products. Seeds are, however, natural products and can sometimes unexpectedly have reduced germination capacity. Moreover, the growth and the harvest of the products depend not only on the germination capacity and speed, but also on all sorts of other factors, such as the sowing method, temperature, etc.

All our packaging contains clear instructions on sowing and cultivation, both in text and in symbols. Despite this problems may arise whereby the possible cause is not immediately clear.
Should there be a complaint, please clearly describe this to Garden Seeds BV, and we will do all that is reasonably possible to help you come to a satisfactory solution. Our liability will, however, never be more than the net invoice amount of the articles supplied.